Please present membership card or valid photo ID on entry


Upon arrival please present proof of a valid members card at reception. Remember to use your member card for all purchases made at the Bar, Café or Bistro to receive your members discounts.
Enter our MEMBERS PROMOTION ENTER DAILY! Simply swipe your members card with your first purchase of the day and place your entry ticket in the barrel. A lucky winner will be drawn at both Clubs. T&C apply. You must be present to win!


Live within 5km of the club? A member can sign you in as a temporary member for your first visit only.
Guests are the member’s responsibility and should remain in the company of the member.
A guest must:

  • Present photo ID, like a driver licence that shows your current address and have it countersigned by the member
  • Within reason, remain in the company of the member
  • Leave the club when the member does, or earlier.

Members are limited to the number of times a person is admitted as a guest through club policy. For your next visit we encourage you to apply for full membership.

Membership fees are affordable. – only $10 for one year or $30 for a five year dual membership of Club Old Bar & Club West.


A visitor can enter our clubs with a temporary membership if they:

  • Live more than 5km away from the club 
  • Are a member of another club and invited to attend an organised sporting event.

Upon arrival you will be asked to present photo ID, like a driver licence that shows your current address for sign-in and be given a temporary membership.


Minors, or under 18s, are permitted to enter our clubs in line with the club’s rules. Minors must:

  • remain in the company and immediate presence of a member who is a responsible adult, such as a parent or guardian, or other person who is standing in as a parent
  • leave the club when the member does, or earlier.




Our Clubs are subject to the provisions of the Privacy Act 1998. The Act contains 10 National Privacy Principles that set standards for the handling of personal information. The Clubs have a commitment to privacy and the safeguarding of member, visitor and staff personal information and take this responsibility very seriously.


Any personal information provided to Club Old Bar, Club West or Club Old Bar Motel (e.g. name, address, date of birth, contact details, transaction or payment details), including information collected as a result of a membership card being placed in a gaming machine or other club machine that is linked to a member loyalty system (not ATMs) that may provide a benefit or service to the individual, will be protected.

We do not disclose personal information to any other organisation or person unless there is a legal requirement to do so. We may also disclose personal information to relevant authorities if it reasonably believes that there is a threat to an individual’s life, health or safety, or public health or safety. If Club Old Bar, Club West or Club Old Bar Motel has reason to suspect that that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in, personal information may be used or disclosed as a necessary part of any investigation and reporting to relevant persons or authorities.

If an individual does not wish to receive information about services and promotions, on request, we will remove their name from mailing lists.


Club Old Bar, Club West or Club Old Bar Motel may disclose information to third parties that provide services under contract to the club. These contracts require the third party to keep personal information confidential and secure.

An individual has a right to access any personal information that Club Old Bar, Club West or Club Old Bar Motel may hold about them, including a right of correction of your information. The clubs will generally not charge a fee for an individual to access their personal information.

If you require any further information, please contact Management directly on (02) 6553 7224


Under the Registered Clubs Act Patrons visiting our registered Club you are required to produce suitable identification to gain entry to the premises. Suitable identification is primarily Driver’s License, Passport and Proof of Age Cards. We record your details when signing in. Club West and Club Old Bar uses an electronic sign in system and in most cases will scan your identification for faster and safer processing.

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