Pizza Bar

(Trading hours are subject to change at no notice during Covid-19 restrictions)
Open Every Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 5.30pm!

Dine-in and enjoy house-made 9inch pizza’s from $12*
Takeaway Pizza’s for only $2 extra
Gluten Free $3 extra

Call us at 02 6553 7224   for today’s variety menu



Menu selection changes each day and subject to availability of produce. Chef’s specials also available – Please call for TODAY’S VARIETY menu on 6553 7224 or order from the Pizza Bar.

Garlic Bread
Cheesy Garlic Bread

HAWIIAN – Napoli sauce base, bacon, pineapple & cheese

PEPPERONI – Napoli sauce base, pepperoni & cheese

BBQ MEATLOVERS – BBQ sauce base, ham, bacon & pepperoni

SUPREME – Napoli sauce base, bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, capsicum & onion

PUMPKIN & FETA – Napoli sauce base, pesto, pumpkin, feta & cheese

BBQ CHICKEN & BACON – BBQ chicken, bacon, onion & cheese

CHEESY GARLIC – Creamy garlic base, shallots & Cheese

BASIL MARGARITA – Napoli sauce, basil & mozzarella cheese

PESTO CHICKEN – Creamy pesto base, chicken, baby spinach & cheese

BBQ ITALIAN SAUSAGE – Napoli sauce base, Italian sausage, onion & cheese

BBQ PORK & ONION – BBQ sauce base, bacon, pork, onion & Cheese

TANDOORI CHICKEN – Tandoori sauce base, chicken, baby spinach, yoghurt & cheese

PRAWN MORNAY – Mornay sauce base, prawns, capsicum, spanish onion, cherry tomatoes, & shallots

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