Pizza Bar

Open from 5.30pm – 8.30pm
Dine-in to enjoy house-made 9inch pizza’s from $12*
Takeaway Pizza’s for only $2 extra

Call us at 02 6553 7224   for today’s variety menu



Menu selection changes each day and subject to availability of produce.

Please call for TODAY’S VARIETY menu on 6553 7224 or order from the Pizza Bar.

Garlic Bread
Cheesy Garlic Bread

HAWIIAN – Napoli sauce base, bacon, pineapple & cheese

PEPPERONI – Napoli sauce base, pepperoni & cheese

BBQ MEATLOVERS – BBQ sauce base, ham, bacon & pepperoni

SUPREME – Napoli sauce base, bacon, pepperoni, mushrooms, capsicum & onion

PUMPKIN & FETA – Napoli sauce base, pesto, pumpkin, feta & cheese

BBQ CHICKEN & BACON – BBQ chicken, bacon, onion & cheese

CHEESY GARLIC – Creamy garlic base, shallots & Cheese

BASIL MARGARITA – Napoli sauce, basil & mozzarella cheese

PESTO CHICKEN – Creamy pesto base, chicken, baby spinach & cheese

BBQ ITALIAN SAUSAGE – Napoli sauce base, Italian sausage, onion & cheese

BBQ PORK & ONION – BBQ sauce base, bacon, pork, onion & Cheese

TANDOORI CHICKEN – Tandoori sauce base, chicken, baby spinach, yoghurt & cheese

PRAWN MORNAY – Mornay sauce base, prawns, capsicum, spanish onion, cherry tomatoes, & shallots

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