Our priority as dedicated Covid Safe venues continues to be the safety and welfare of our members, guests, visitors, staff and community first. Strict entry conditions are in place that are updated regularly.

Whilst we are extremely excited to have you back at our venue, we must continue to abide by Government restrictions to ensure the health and safety of our members, guests and staff. Some measures we have put in place to ensure a safe reopening include strict hygiene procedures, room capacities, conditions of entry, COVID marshals and patron flow throughout the club. Regulations placed on the club mean we have strict limits on the number of patrons we admit into our club. Once these limits have been met, we will unfortunately not be unable to admit any more patrons into the venues.

  • Stop the spread – If you are feeling unwell or sick please stay at home
  • Wash/Sanitize your hands upon entry
  • Your temperature will be checked upon entry.
  • Patrons with covid like symptoms will not be permitted entry
    The Covid19 symptoms are:
    – cough;
    – fever;
    – fatigue;
    – sore throat;
    – shortness of breath
  • ALL Members, Visitors and Contractors MUST SIGN IN.
    over 18 must provide a valid Photo ID/ Drivers licence to be scanned and enter a contact phone number
    MEMBERS  must provide a financial valid members Photo card and enter a contact phone number
  • Please sign out when you leave
  • Members and Visitors must stay seated unless ordering or using the bathroom
  • Please follow Staff instructions and directions
  • 5 meters distance is to be kept between tables, Only Staff are to re arrange tables and chairs
  • Limit your movement and interactions with others whilst at the club
  • We recommend you to download the COVIDsafe APP

Effective immediately if you have visited a covid hotspot in the past 14 days or reside in these areas you will not be permitted entry to our Venues.

As an additional safety precaution our reception staff at our venues including the Motel have the option of wearing a protective mask during their shift. Please do not be alarmed by this, we want our members and guests to feel safe and comfortable when visiting our venues.
Due to recent changes we are not able to conduct Rock N Roll classes or Line Dancing at our venue at this time.
Also effective from Friday 24th July 2020 the maximum number per table booking is 10 persons.

We strongly recommend bookings in the bistro with capacity restrictions, especially at dinner time.

CLUB OLD BAR: Open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. – Call 65537224
CLUB WEST: Open for lunch Wednesday to Sunday and open for dinner Tuesday to Sunday – Call 65522094

Our courtesy bus commences restricted services running daily from 5pm to 8pm with social distancing practices and limited capacities (6) in place, please phone club for more details on the services available.

Finally, for the health and safety of everyone please remain at home if you are feeling unwell. Thank-You for the support and goodwill you have shown the club over the last few months, it has meant a lot to us. We eagerly await your patronage.


Cleaning • Whilst the Club has been closed, we have undertaken a deep clean of the entire club in preparation for our re-opening • We will be regularly cleaning areas and surfaces that are frequently touched, observing Safe Work Australia’s ‘cleaning’ standards applying to hospitality venues.

Hygiene • We encourage patrons to adopt Safe Work Australia’s ‘hygiene’ standards applying to hospitality venues, and we will be encouraging patrons to clean their hands regularly. Alcohol-based sanitiser will be made available at Club entries and exits, as well as other locations throughout the venues and we will be directing patrons to clean their hands at handwashing facilities • We will encourage contactless payments at point of sale stations where signage will be displayed • We will encourage employees to clean their hands every 30 minutes • Our Covid19 Marshal’s are also hygiene ambassadors, who have the responsibility to ensure employees and patrons maintain the above standards and ensure there are adequate waste management facilities including rubbish bins available Restrooms • We will be taking additional measures to clean and promote hygiene in our restrooms. • We will clean frequently touched surfaces more regularly and display signs demonstrating recommended hand washing methods.

Patron screening • If we reasonably believe a person on our premises has a Covid19 symptom (defined above), we must: • Cause the person to be removed from the premises. • Notify the person that they should be tested for Covid19 at the nearest testing location. • Record the names of all patrons entering the premises on any day • Strongly encourage patrons to download and use the CovidSAFE app • Notify NSW Health within 6 hours of becoming aware that a person with Covid19 (including an employee) was on the premises General compliance • We have taken measures to ensure employees understand and comply with Club work, health, and safety duties • All employees have or are completing Covid19 infection control training delivered by the Australian Government. • We will be displaying Covid19 related signage by the Australian and NSW Governments throughout the venue As a community-based organisation, we are continuing to take advice on Covid19 (Coronavirus) seriously, and as a result we have implemented the measures outlined above to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our employees, members, guests and visitors.

Our primary concern is: • To protect people, • Ensure our obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (NSW) and • Maintain our duty of care to our employees, and to persons on, or seeking to visit our premises. Our employees will be discouraged from engaging in personal contact, such as the shaking of hands with fellow staff, members, guests, and visitors. Please do not take this in any other way than as a preventative and control measure to help prevent the spread of viruses. The Clubs are also increasing the frequency of sanitisation to the ‘high touch areas’ including bathrooms, door handles and buttons. The Clubs will continue to monitor the advice of ClubsNSW and our own independent legal advice and implement changes as we are advised accordingly.

NSW Health has also offered the following advice for patrons: • stay home and do not attend if you are feeling unwell • stay home and do not attend if you have travelled overseas in the past 14 days. Should the advice from the NSW Government or Australian Government change, the Club will update its policies accordingly.

While onsite at either Club, employees, members, guests, and visitors are encouraged to practice good personal hygiene including: • cleaning your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub • cover your nose and mouth when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or flexed elbow.

Our Clubs and our employees are taking our re-opening seriously and we have implemented a few measures in our dining facilities including: • Removal of cutlery from all tables. Cutlery will be provided with your meals • Single use menu’s • Increased sanitation of all work and public spaces • Additional staff training • Increased use of gloves, including in the acceptance of deliveries • Removal of ‘help yourself’ sauce and cutlery station Persons who do not cooperate with our advice in relation to Covid19 will be asked to leave our premises.


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